BCS National Title Game '11

BCS National Title Game '11
BCS National Championship 1/10/11 Oregon vs Auburn

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spurs and Thunder square off in Western Conference Finals.

A lot of people who know me, know that I still talk about the NBA of the 90's. I dwell on the days of Michael Jordan and his six NBA championships. The physical and intensity of when the Bulls, Knicks, and Heat would face-off against each other. I still talk about game 1 of the 1992 NBA Finals when Jordan went off against the Blazers. I brag about the Paxson shot against the Suns in 1993, the Kerr shot in 1997, and of course the Jordan "flu game" and his game winner in the 1998 Finals. I have not been the biggest fan of the NBA since those days. I'm more about watching Lebron James not succeeding these days. But, I am actually excited to see the Thunder take on the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals.

Who would have thought three years ago someone would be excited to see this type of match-up? Really, Oklahoma City vs San Antonio. But, what one of my friends said last night, which is absolutely right on, "It's the new vs the old." It's the team of the future vs the old guys, who know what it is like to win NBA Championships. I mean who is not excited to see the Tony Parker and Russell Westbrook match-up? These two players have been absolutely dominant in the playoffs. The match-up between Serge Ibaka and Tim Duncan will be interesting as well. We'll see if Ibaka can handle Duncan for a whole series. Lastly, you have players like Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Manu Ginobili in this series as well. What else can you really ask for at this point in the NBA playoffs? There is a lot of talent on both sides and I feel the winner of this series wins the NBA Championship. These teams are so talented offensively and defensively. They both have a lot of depth on their benches as well. This series will for sure be one of the most exciting series we have seen in awhile. Game 1 is on Sunday in San Antonio.

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