BCS National Title Game '11

BCS National Title Game '11
BCS National Championship 1/10/11 Oregon vs Auburn

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

College Football GameDay Experience #2 (Ann Arbor)

It has been awhile since since I posted GameDay Experience number three, so I will do a quick racap of my experience list. The GameDay Experience list started with Iowa City (Iowa Hawkeyes) at number ten. Number nine was Madison (Wisconsin Badgers, eight was Knoxville (Tennessee Volunteers), seven Lincoln (Nebraska Cornhuskers), six Eugene (Oregon Ducks), five Gainesville (Florida Gators), four South Bend (Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and number three was Columbus (Ohio State Buckeyes). My number two game day experience is by far one of my favorite stadiums to attend in all of sports. There is just nothing like it and I feel it is my home away from home. It is known as "The Big House," and has a capacity of 107,501. Welcome to Michigan Stadium home of the Michigan Wolverines.

2. GameDay in Ann Arbor- Michigan Wolverines (Michigan Stadium)

Michigan Stadium aka "The Big House"
There is nothing quite like an autumn day in "The Big House" at Michigan. So many legends played and coached here, like Heisman winners Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson, and one of the greatest coaches of all-time Bo Schembechler. Michigan is still the most winningest program in college football and has recently risen from the dead after a tough three year losing span. The Wolverines will look to contend for a Big Ten Title this season. "The Big House" will for sure be rockin' again this season.

I have been to Michigan Stadium twice. Both were of course amazing experiences as they hosted long time rivals Notre Dame in 2005 and Ohio State in 2007. Pre-game in Ann Arbor is for the most part is a pretty fun. The game against Notre Dame we went to a really large tailgating party with tons of food. Tailgating is a major part of the Ann Arbor game experience and what makes this one of the coolest places to see a game. The Ohio State game was a 12' o'clock kick off and ESPN College GameDay was in the house, so we had to check that out. After the pre game festivities, it was time to enter the stadium. I learned from the first time, that it is necessary to enter the stadium early, because like the Rose Bowl, there are not many entrances down to the field. After we settled into our seats, we watched the players warm up and then it was time for one of the best traditions at Michigan, The University of Michigan Marching Band. The Band runs out of the tunnel and onto the field where they play, in my opinion, the greatest college fight song of all time "The Victors." The band moves into an "M" formation and marches down the field as they play "The Victors." After they play "The Victors," the band performs the chant "Lets Go Blue."
Pre-game Ohio State vs Michigan 
The band eventually moves into a tunnel type of formation and the banner is put up that says "Go Blue M Supports You," and the Michigan players run out of the tunnel and jump up and touch the banner. The game experience is awesome, even though it may not be the loudest venue in college football. Just being in the stadium is amazing in itself.

When I attended Michigan Stadium, they had not renovated, added seating capacity, or added the luxury boxes yet. Michigan Stadium for a few years was stuck at a capacity of 106,201 and was no longer the the big house of college football. It was indeed Penn State's Beaver Stadium that had a capacity of 107,282. After the renovations though, Michigan is officially "The Big House" again with a capacity of 109,901. Also, it is said that with the renovations and additions of the luxury boxes that Michigan Stadium is now louder than it has ever been making it a more hostile environment for opponents.

The experience of going to Ann Arbor on game day and watching a game at "The Big House," needs to be on every college football fanatic's list. It just doesn't get much better or bigger than this. The fans for the most part are great and entertaining, the band is one of the best in the country, and now the football team is heading in the right direction under second year coach Brady Hoke. As a huge Michigan fan, this is what I would consider to be heaven. There just isn't quite anything like being surrounded by the Maize and Blue and being in one of the largest sports venues in the world. Whether you love or hate the Wolverines, this has to be a destination for you. All I have to say is....LETS GO BLUE!!!

Games attended in Ann Arbor:

9/10/2005   CFB   Notre Dame 17, Michigan 10
11/17/2007 CFB   Ohio State 14, Michigan 3   * ESPN College Gameday

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