BCS National Title Game '11

BCS National Title Game '11
BCS National Championship 1/10/11 Oregon vs Auburn

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

College Football GameDay Experience #7 (Lincoln)

College Football GameDay Experience continues. The first three game day experiences consisted of Iowa City (Iowa Hawkeyes) at ten, Madison (Wisconsin Badgers) at nine, and Knoxville (Tennessee Volunteers) at eight. Number seven is a team that you either love or hate. The fans eat, drink, sleep, and breathe for their team. The game day atmosphere is one that every college football fan should experience at least once in their life. Welcome to Memorial Stadium home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

7. GameDay in Lincoln-Nebraska Cornhuskers (Memorial Stadium)

Hello everyone and welcome to Hell...just kidding that was mean. Hello everyone and welcome to Lincoln, Nebraska home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers aka "Big Red." Memorial Stadium has one the longest sellout streaks in the country and is currently at a consecutive 318 games. The Huskers have been good as of recent, but have struggled to be a great team like they were in the 90's. The Huskers will look to contend for the Big Ten Championship this year. The game day experience in Lincoln is something that is so special to Husker Nation. These fans live for their team and die with them as well. Nebraska fans have been known to have some of the most respectful and knowledgable fans in the country. If your not a Nebraska fan, I know you disagree with the knowledgable statement.

Nebraska vs Kansas State in 2007
The University of Nebraska is situated near downtown Lincoln. Tailgating for Husker games is a whole day thing. People begin tailgating very early in the morning and it takes place everywhere around the Memorial Stadium area. Another place where many Husker fans go before the game is to the Haymarket area near the stadium. This is where most of the bars are situated. Whenever I have gone to Nebraska games, I have always ended up at Brewsky's. Brewsky's has a great pre-game atmosphere and has good food to go along with it. Unfortunately, it is always extremely packed and you are usually fighting to get a table. Tailgating is an important aspect to Nebraska GameDay, but you can't go to Nebraska without checking out the Osborne Athletic Complex. The Osborne Athletic Complex is located on the north side of Memorial Stadium and includes all the trophies, as well as the Nebraska Football Experience Room. The experience room, which I experienced right when it opened in 2010, consists of a large screen where they show a short movie pertaining to Husker football. You feel like you are running out on the field with the Huskers and as if you were in Memorial Stadium during a live football game. It also consists of the Heisman trophies of Johnny Rodgers, Mike Rozier, and Eric Crouch. I'm pretty sure my friend made me watch the two Husker gameday experience movies four times.

The most important part of the Husker GameDay experience is when you finally enter the gates of Memorial Stadium and get to your seat. The pre-game experience is one of the coolest traditions in the country. On the giant Jumbotron scoreboard, they show an intense video consisting of their biggest moments in Husker history and soon after it happens. The famous Tunnel Walk begins.  The song "Sirius" comes on and Memorial Stadium becomes louder than ever. The players are seen on the Jumbotron, or on one of the other four scoreboards in the stadium walking through the tunnel and touching the lucky horseshoe. This tradition never gets old, whether you like or dislike the Huskers. I personally get goosebumps every time they do this even if I have been to Memorial Stadium multiple times. Memorial Stadium is definitely the most fun at night though. Two games where it was extremely loud was the USC game in 2007 and the Oklahoma game in 2009. Memorial Stadium was rocking and the fans were into the game for all four quarters. This is one thing about Nebraska fans, they stay for the whole game no matter what is going on in the game. One of the more recent traditions that Nebraska has done prior to kickoff is play "Can You Feel It.". The students start jumping up and down and everyone gets pumped for kickoff. The chants of Husker Power! and Gooo Big Red! can be heard throughout the game as well. Game day at Memorial Stadium is a must for every college football fan.

    Games Attended in Lincoln:

11/13/1999 CFB Kansas State 15, Nebraska 41
10/20/2001 CFB Texas Tech 31, Nebraska 41
10/02/2004 CFB   Kansas 8, Nebraska 14
10/30/2004 CFB   Missouri 3, Nebraska 24
10/01/2005 CFB   Iowa State 20, Nebraska 27
11/24/2006 CFB   Colorado 17, Nebraska 37
9/15/2007   CFB   USC 49, Nebraska 31   * ESPN College GameDay
10/13/2007 CFB   Oklahoma State 45, Nebraska 14
11/10/2007 CFB   Kansas State 31, Nebraska 73
8/30/2008   CFB   Western Michigan 24, Nebraska 47
11/28/2008 CFB  Colorado 31, Nebraska 40
9/05/2009   CFB  Florida Atlantic 3, Nebraska 49
10/17/2009 CFB  Texas Tech 31, Nebraska 10
10/24/2009 CFB  Iowa State 9, Nebraska 7
11/07/2009 CFB  Oklahoma 3, Nebraska 10
11/21/2009 CFB Kansas State 3, Nebraska 17
                           Spring Games in 2006,2008, and 2010

Nebraska vs USC in 2007

Nebraska vs Florida Atlantic in 2009

Nebraska vs Texas Tech in 2009

Nebraska vs Kansas State in 2009

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