BCS National Title Game '11

BCS National Title Game '11
BCS National Championship 1/10/11 Oregon vs Auburn

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week Recap of Sports

After a week of finals and a computer problem that happened to deal with a bottle of water, I am good to go again and the blogging will go on. A lot has happened in sports this past week. It is hard to talk about just one thing. First, we have the Los Angeles Kings winning their first Stanley Cup. Just when everyone thought the Devils had a chance to get this series back to New Jersey for a game 7, the Kings went off and scored 3 goals on one power play in the 1st period. If there is anyone to blame for the New Jersey loss, just blame right winger Steve Bernier. Bernier received a ten minute misconduct penalty and a five minute major for boarding at the 10:10 mark of the 1st period. Honestly, that was just pathetic and I have no idea why a guy would put his team in that type of situation in a must win game like that. After this penalty was over and Los Angeles Kings had scored three goals, it was clear to say the Devils were done. The Kings ended up winning 6-1 in game 6. This happened to be one of the largest margins of victory for any deciding game in the Stanley Cup Finals according to my source of ESPN. 

After the Stanley Cup Finals, the match-up between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder needs to be discussed. Questions that will be answered in this series. Will LeBron James finally win a championship? So he can somewhat come through on his words of winning not just one...not two...not three...not four NBA Championships. Also, if LeBron wins a championship means that we will no longer have to listen to him be criticized on ESPN 24/7....Yea!!! I'm just kidding, I hope he doesn't win. Another question is Will Kevin Durant be able to contain LeBron and prove that he is one of the best to ever play this game? I'm not kidding, Durant is flat out amazing. Him winning a championship over the Heat could catapult him to being the best player in the NBA as of now. We shall see what is in store when the Heat travel to Oklahoma City for game 1 tonight. My prediction for this series, Thunder in six. 

Other news in sports, this week the final eight teams were finalized for the College World Series in Omaha. Unfortunately, Oregon lost to Kent State in a tough one in the bottom of the 9th inning yesterday in the Super Regional taking place at PK Park in Eugene, OR. The eight teams consist of two Pac-12 teams, Arizona and UCLA. Three SEC teams, Arkansas, Florida, and South Carolina. The last three are Florida State of the ACC,  and cinderella teams Kent State of the MAC and Stony Brook of the America East. I personally feel the Florida Gators will win the whole thing, because of the overall talent of their team. Another team to watch out for though are the Florida State Seminoles. This team absolutely crushed Stanford in their Super Regional 17-1 and 18-7. They have great pitching and are pretty good on offense as well. 

Lastly,  Rafael Nadal won the French Open over Novak Djokovic in a two day match due to rain on the clay surface. Maria Sharapova finally won her first French Open and has now won the French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open. Euro Cup has also started and is being hosted by Ukraine and Poland. I honestly like watching the Euro Cup. This type of soccer interests me because we have countries battling it out against each other. No, I am not talking about that literally as Russia and Poland fans decided to fight today outside of the stadium in Warsaw. That is some scary stuff. The Poland-Russia 1-1 draw was interesting to watch, as well as the Sweden-Ukraine match-up yesterday. Who knew it was possible to score three goals in a matter of ten minutes? Sweden scored in the 52nd minute and Ukraine came back and scored two goals in the 55th minute and 61st minute to win the match. 

-College Gameday Experiences six and seven will be up very soon. 

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